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Last Monday I came home in the evening before my husband (and the kids).  I sat down on the couch to relax.  Toto hopped over to me… clearly unsteady on his three legs.  He got to the couch and just looked up at me.  I immediately picked him up and held him.  He started to have a seizure.  I held him tight and told him over and over that it was ok.  Finally he relaxed some and wanted to get down on the floor.  I put him down on the floor and then followed him as he walked over to the rug.  He started to seize again.  I held him on my lap and his body was rigid…  his eyes were rolled back in his head.  All I could think at that point was that he was dying.  There I was holding him, alone, and I thought it was the end.  I tried to stay strong, but the tears rolled down my face.  I just kept thinking that Toto was dying, and how he must have felt so horribly scared and alone.  I tried desperately to comfort him.  I told him over and over that it was ok and that I was there for him and how blessed we were that he came to our house to stay and that he was our baby.  I told him that I loved him… and that it was ok for him to go (though I desperately wanted him to stay).  And then, after what seemed like forever, but was probably only a few minutes, Toto got up and walked to the door to go outside.

After the horrible seizures, Toto was back to his old self.  I calmed down after I realized that this was not how it ended.  A short while later my husband came home.  He walked in the door and started telling me a story…  Then he took one look at me and said, “Are you crying?”  I thought I was looking ok by then, but obviously he could tell that something was wrong. I slept downstairs on the couch that night because I didn’t want to leave Toto.

Toto was diagnosed early this year with epilepsy.  Toto had his first seizure last November.  We were freaked out and had no idea what was happening.  After that Toto had a seizure once a month, almost like clockwork.  We brought him to the vet where  they found nothing wrong with him outside of the seizures.  The diagnosis was epilepsy.  Our vet said that they would start him on medication if he was having seizures more than once a month.  Since he was right on the borderline we decided to hold off on the medication (which had many side effects).  At that time I also started to research everything I could about seizures and epilepsy in dogs.  I found that many people believe that there is a correlation between seizures and certain brands of dog foods.  So after some more research, I switched Toto to a really good quality dog food.  He had one seizure after the new dog food, and then they stopped until just now. 

Of course I was upset when Toto had the seizure last week, but I was really scared when he had the second seizure.  He has never done that before, and I felt that he was going to keep seizing.  Maybe the seizures were caused by the epilepsy.  Maybe the cancer triggered something that caused the seizures.  My biggest fear is that the cancer has spread to his brain causing seizures…  But I am not ready to believe that yet.  All I know is that Toto is doing fine now and for that I am truly thankful.

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5 Responses to “Seizures”

  1.   Emilysmom Says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your scare with Toto. How scary it must have been for you. Wouldn’t you think that if the cancer moved to his brain he would continue to seize? I am no vet (far from it) but that would be my guess. Give your guy a big hug from me.

  2.   Opie Says:

    My old golden, Zach had seizures in later life. They are definitely unnerving. When he would get done seizing he would try and jam himself behind something or into some small place that his big bulk could not possibly go. Who knows what brings them on. Hang in there. Glad Toto is doing well now. Opie’s mom

  3.   admin Says:

    Sorry to hear about Toto’s episodes. Jerry had a few seizures long before he got cancer. They stopped after we changed his diet. But we had friends whose dog had epilepsy and treated it successfully with Phenobarbitol for years.

  4.   cairasue Says:

    My heart’s with you. I hope there’s no more seizures for awhile.

  5.   jakesmom Says:

    I can just imagine how scared you were to watch Toto go through that! I hope that the vet can get the seizures under control, and that Toto can get back to enjoying his life… and not scaring you for a while!!! 🙂

    Hope you all had a Merry Christmas in spite of the scare…

    Angel Jake’s Mom

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