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The Good and The Bad

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Ok, well I guess I will start with the bad.  We finally heard back from the prospective adoptive parents for Dexter.  Apparently they are no longer interested.  That really sucks.  It breaks my  heart.  Fortunately, we have still been hearing back from people, and others have been spreading the word.  It is just disheartening that we have had at least 8 people who were interested in taking Dexter and none of them panned out.  None of them even got a chance to meet Dexter!  At least give him a chance!

The good news is that there are wonderful people out there who said they cannot take Dexter, but they wanted to contribute to the cost of his heartworm treatment, neutering, etc.  That has just been amazing!  The generosity just warms my heart.  I cannot even say thank you enough!  It is such a huge burden off of us knowing that we can afford to start treatment while we continue to search for a forever home.  We brought Dexter to the vet yesterday and we were able to do x-rays.  More good news, it looks like his heart is in good enough shape to move forward with heartworm treatment.  We plan on bringing him in next week.  They will do an ultrasound to look at his heart, and if all looks ok, they will move ahead.  They will give him a series of two injections into the muscle, 24 hours apart.  After that, we keep him inactive for 4 weeks.  At four weeks he gets oral medication at the vet.  Then, another 2 – 4 weeks of inactivity. 

When they did the x-rays the vet saw some arthritis in his back half and said, “he is no spring chicken!”  The vet now thinks he is around 8 or 9 years old.  We are still trying to find a WONDERFUL home for Dex, but it definitely makes it hard when he is older and sick.  Anyone looking for a really sweet dog?  He will make someone very, very happy. 🙂

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2 Responses to “The Good and The Bad”

  1.   jerry Says:

    You are a true saint for doing what you are doing to help this handsome boy. Really. I wish more people knew how treatable Heartworm is. It’s a sucky condition but it can be beat. How totally not right that nobody has even met Dexter after learning about his illness. Have you considered including something about the treatability of heartworm in whatever ads or flyers you’re distributing? Just a thought.

    Meanwhile, we’ll do what we can to help. He looks like such a sweet, sweet boy.

  2.   tootsweets Says:

    Thanks for the reply! I think it is a great idea to include information with heartworm treatment with the information about Dexter! Now that I have talked to the vet about it multiple times, I have a better idea of what is involved. You are right… it is sucky, but it can be beat!

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