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I have been holding off posting more info on Dexter because we found a potential home for him.  I was very optimistic on this one, but we were supposed to hear back yesterday, and we haven’t heard anything yet.  Now I am afraid that this means it isn’t going to work out.  I will let you know as soon as I hear any news either way. 

First, I want to thank you for all of your advice and support.  I love the tripawds website!  Everyone has been so wonderful.  I was feeling really down on Tuesday and then I received so many positive comments and messages on the tripawd board, and my husband and I both received some nice messages and offers to help from people we work with.  It makes me feel so good to realize that there are really good people out there… with big hearts.

Well, everyone seems to want some more info on Dexter, so here it is!  Dexter was 38 pounds when we brought him to the vet, but he looks like he could gain a good amount of weight.  He is super skinny.  He looks like he has a lot of German Shepherd in him.  His face also looks kind of like a Chow or Collie or Shiba.  He is kind of a reddish color which is pretty cool.  The vet was having a really hard time aging him.  She said he has the body of an old man, but some really nice looking teeth.  She guessed around 7, but I am not sure how accurate that is.  He has scars from fly bites on the tips of his ears and he had some cuts on his nose.  He looks like he has been outside for awhile.  Dexter seems pretty well housetrained.  He hasn’t marked in our house at all.  We brought him to my parents house though, and he wanted to mark.  After a short while, when he adjusted, he was fine and totally stopped.  I think it was just a reaction to anxiety.  We borrowed a crate for Dex to use.  He doesn’t love it, but I think he could get used to it. 

Dexter was pretty nervous coming into our house, and I can understand that.  It took him awhile to get used to coming in and out of the house and going up and down the stairs.  He was very cautious.  Now he has gotten the hang of everything and is doing great.  Dexter has been a real sweetie.  He loves to be with us, but doesn’t go crazy if we go away.  He seems to bond easier with women, but he was fine with my husband and father after just a short time.  He has been really good with our other dogs.  He likes to play with them, but he isn’t too hyper.  Most of the time he is pretty mellow.  He his happy to sit around and chew on a rope toy!  He likes our cat a lot.  He follows him around a lot, but he is very good with him.  Dexter has also been great with our kids.  He hasn’t show ANY signs of aggression.  Even with food, and the poor guy was starving, he was never aggressive at all towards us or the other animals.  We were pretty impressed. 

Dexter doesn’t seem very used to walking on a leash, but he enjoys it.  I bought him a harness and that makes it pretty easy to lead him.  Dexter doesn’t know any commands, but he is teachable.  He responds very well to “no” and also to treats!  He is not much of a barker, but when he does, he has a really great bark.  It is a lot more convincing than the sounds my other dogs make. 🙂

As far as medical issues…  Dexter is heartworm positive.  We are going to the vet this week to see what they say about treating him.  However, you wouldn’t know anything was wrong from just looking at him.  Hopefully we have caught it in the early stages.  Dexter also needs to be neutered, but I doubt they would want to do that before he is treated for heartworm.  Not sure.  And, he may have one or two teeth that are broken, which should be checked out.  When we brought him to the vet the first time, he had his rabies shot and DHLPP. 

Well, I think that covers everything!  Any questions??

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2 Responses to “More Info”

  1.   Opie Says:

    Awww Dexter sounds so cool. Sometimes the nicest dogs have had the worst puppyhoods. I have my toes crossed that his forever pawrents will find him soon. Hang in there and thank you for helping a brother…..Opie

  2.   Peyton's Path Says:

    Dexter does sound like a great dog! We hope he finds a furever home, that is pawesome you are helping him now! Good luck we are sending positive thoughts your way!!


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